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Build your rep as a history buff with a treasure trove of trivia knowledge. History is a fascinating field because it is about stories worth preserving if only in bits and pieces. Build your knowledge base of history-related details by keeping a few trivia questions accessible for when you have a few minutes to browse questions and answers. Keep track of your favorite stories from historical times by keeping a list of trivia questions handy to share with friends and family. Play “Did you know” games anywhere and with anybody who likes history, quizzes and passing the time productively by learning something new.

Who was the queen of the British Empire in 1837 AD?

History Trivia Question queen british empire 1837
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Alexandrina Victoria.
During 1837 to 1901, Alexandrina Victoria was the queen of the British Empire. She got much fame during this period; that’s why her era was also known as the Victorian Age.

In which centuries the Greek civilization flourished?

History Trivia Questions centuries greek civilization flourished
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4th and 5th centuries BC.
The Greek civilization flourished in the 4th and 5th centuries BC. This civilization included the period of Persian Wars (510-479 BC), Golden Age of Athens (479-404 BC), and Classical Era (404-338 BC). The Greek civilization was known for its dominant control over the Roman Empire.

The French and Indian War is also termed as?

History Trivia Questions french indian war termed
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The Seven Years’ War.
In 1754, The French and Indian War started between France and Great Britain due to North American clash. This war was also termed as The Seven Years’ War, and it ended in 1763 as a result of the “Treaty of Paris.”

What is the original name of Buddha?

History Trivia Questions original buddha name
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Siddhartha Gautama.
Buddha was a mendicant, monk, teacher, sage, and philosopher. Siddhartha Gautama was his original name. Buddha founded the Buddhist religion, and he was known for his Buddhism teachings.

Who was the wife of Buddha?

History Trivia wife buddha
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Buddha got married to Yasodhara, and they had a son named Rahula. They got separated when Buddha left home for religion.

The first newspaper was introduced in which country?

History Trivia Questions first newspaper country
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The first newspaper to be introduced in Rome was Acta Diurna in 59 BC. It was a handwritten newspaper that was posted in a specific public place as per the orders of Ruler Julius Caesar. In 700 AD, Chinese published the first printed newspaper which was named as Dibao.