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Test your trivia knowledge or become a quiz master with these challenging Music Trivia questions with answers. Music is a universal language that can bring people from different walks of life together. Everyone will know something or everything about bands, musicians, songs, compositions, and concerts. Be prepared for conflict and controversy as music lovers tend to take great pride in their knowledge of the smallest details about their favorites. Keep track of your trivia references as this is one of the topics that tend to fuel feuds among family and friends.

Which US president has Post Malone a tattoo of?

Which us president has post malone a tattoo of?
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John F Kennedy.
Born in 1995, Austin Richard Post, also known as Post Malone, is an American rapper. He is known for his laconic vocal style and has gained a lot of appraising for mixing a lot of genres in his songs, such as hip hop, pop, country, and rock.

What was Stevie Wonder’s greatest hit?

What was stevie wonder’s greatest hit?
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I Just Called to Say I Love You.
This song was the lead single of the album “The Woman in Red.” It topped 19 charts, received multiple awards and became Motown Records’ biggest selling single in the United Kingdom, which was upheld even in 2018.

Which R&B legend has a harmonica solo at the end of Drake’s “Doing it wrong”?

Which r&b legend has a harmonica solo at the end of drake’s “doing it wrong”?
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Stevie Wonder.
Stevie Hardaway Morris, better known by his stage name Stevie Wonder was born in 1950. He became blind shortly after his birth, but that did not stop him from being a child prodigy, getting signed by Motown’s Tamla label when he was only 11 years old. His first no1 song on the Billboards was “Fingertips,” which he wrote when he was 13! He was multiple Grammy awards and was tied with Frank Sinatra for most Album of the Year awards.