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Beauty and fashion influencers, take note: This is a test of your fashion IQ. We have collected some of the most exciting trivia related to all things bright, beautiful and fashionable. Play a trivia game with friends, and see how much they know about the little stories that make fashion such as enduring interest for so many. Use these beauty tidbits as a starting point for more research into the topic, or you could just take the trivia quiz for fun. After all, what’s a better way to spend a dreary evening than perusing tidbits about Valentino, Dior, Gucci, Lancome, La Perla and when to wear thigh-high boots. Check this quiz about jewelry, fashion trends, cosmetics, clothing, famous designers and explore the world of fashion and beauty. Can you guess the correct answer to these Beauty & Fashion trivia questions? How much do you know about the concept of beauty and fashion history?

Which fashion brand made the “Genius Jeans” that became part of the Guinness World Records?

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Guinness World Records recorded the “Genius Jeans” by Gucci as the world’s most expensive pair of jeans. The jeans were ripped, distressed and bedazzled with African beads. They were sold in Milan in 1995 for US$3,134. This record was broken in 2005 when a pair of 115-year old Levi’s jeans was sold to a Japanese collector for US$60,000.

What does stiletto mean?

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Little dagger.
Italian shoemakers designed an early version of stiletto heels in the 1940s to go with the famous “New Look” theme. It was in direct contrast to the practical and chunky heels popular at that time. Damage to floors and carpets led to more practical trends taking over until the stiletto was redesigned in the 1990s.

Which designer is credited with starting the trend for tuxedo suits for women?

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Yves St Laurent.
YSL’s “Le Smoking” suit was one of St Laurent’s groundbreaking designs in a long line of innovative trends that St Laurent started. It was billed as a woman’s smoking suit at a time when female empowerment was not a buzzword. Yves St Laurent is credited for being among the first designers to feature people of color in his runway shows.

In which country will you find lotus shoes?

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Lotus shoes are worn by Chinese women who had their feet bound due to traditional practice. The tiny shoes are made with luxury silks or cotton with elaborate designs. They are mostly found in museums now although a few are still being made for elderly Chinese women who still subscribe to the practice.