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Do you think you know everything about the iconic TV show “Friends”? The show ran for 10 years from 1994 until 2004 and holds a special place in everyone heart. Who can forget all those moments that Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey gave us? Challenge yourself or play with your friends! Prove you are a true fan with this 20-question Friends quiz!

1. What was the original name of 'Friends'?
Insomnia Café.
Initially, the title of the show was supposed to be Insomnia Cafe with Monica and Joey being the main romance!
2. In Monica's and Chandler's building, what was their apartment number?
The iconic apartment in which Monica and Chandler were living in, was the shooting place for most of the show’s scenes. It was originally meant to be apartment No.5, but it was later changed to 20 for the rest of the show!
3. How did Joey name his barcalounger?
Joey and his barcalounger were a better love story than Twilight. So, every man must name his favorite chair somehow, so Joey chose Rosita!
4. What was the first thing Matt Leblanc bough when he got his first paycheck from the show?
A hot meal.
When Matt auditioned for the role of Joey, he had 11 dollars to his name. So, when the cast got their first paycheck from the show, he went off to buy himself a hot meal! In the meantime, Courtney Cox was off buying herself a new fancy car.
5. Which member of the cast had a crush on Jennifer Aniston during the beginning of filming?
Matt LeBlanc.
In his interview for the book “Friends…Til’ the End” he admitted on having a crush on Jennifer Aniston, but then again so did the rest of the world!
6. Which member of the gang was initially supposed to be gay?
The original idea of the show was supposed to be focused around four members of the group, which Phoebe and Chandler were leading supporting roles. Also, the producers toyed with the idea of Chandler being gay, but it all changed when they met Matthew Perry, the actor who ended up playing the role.
7. What song was supposed to be the original theme song of the show?
Shiny Happy People by R.E.M.
So no one told you it was going to be this way(clap clap), but before “I’ll be there for you became the original theme song” for the show, the producers had another tune in mind!
Friends quiz
8. Which member of the cast struggled with an alcohol and drug addiction during filming?
Matthew Perry.
Even though he tried to be clear when he was on set, it’s true that Matthew Perry was an alcoholic and was also addicted to drugs. It was not rare for him to show up on set with a hangover and even admits that he barely remembers Seasons 3-6 due to his addiction.
9. Which member of the crew barely made it for the final season?
Jennifer Aniston.
One of the most iconic members of the cast and definitely the biggest name to come out of it, Jennifer barely made it for the tenth season because she was worried about “how much Rachel she had left in her.”
10. Where is the fountain from the credits located?
While the opening credits are supposed to be in Central Park in New York, the iconic fountain is located in the Warner Brothers ranch in California!
11. What instrument does Phoebe play?
The Guitar.
Phoebe Buffay, the rebellious masseuse, is quite the guitar player in the show with hits such as “Smelly cat” which was even performed on one of Taylor Swift’s live shows!
12. What's the name of the barista that works in Central Perk?
The grumpy adorable barista that works in the iconic coffee shop of the gang actually didn’t even have a name until season 2! He had to bleach his hair every week for ten years. Ouch!
13. How many complaints were filed against the episode'The One with the Lesbian Wedding'?
After filming the episode, the producers hired 200 people part-time to take calls to answer to complaints about the episode because it features a lesbian wedding.
14. How was David Schwimmer referred to among the crew?
Also, Matt LeBlanc was known as “LeBlanc” and Matthew Perry as “Matty.”
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15. How much money did Joey owe to Chandler by the end of the series?
119.760 dollars.
One devoted fan of the series calculated that fact!
16. Which one of Joey's catchphrases made it to the Oxford English Dictionary?
This is box title
Matt LeBlanc used this catchphrase so extensively that it made it into the dictionary! What a win for the show.
17. Which is the only member of the crew to not have any siblings?
Rachel has two sisters, Monica and Ross are siblings, Phoebe has her twin sister Ursula and Joey has seven sisters.
18. Which Tuscan insult does Joey use in the series?
Va fa Napoli!
It is the Tuscan equivalent of “Go to Hell!” which translates to “Go to Napoli!”
19. Which member of the crew was a major neat freak?
Courtney Cox.
In the show, Monica is a major neat freak. Just like her character, Courtney can’t let a single peck of dust drop! She would even clean up after the rest of the crew and would clean other’s dressing rooms!
20. When is Monica's and Chandler's wedding anniversary?
May 15.
Monica and Chandler were supposed to be a one-night thing, but the audience liked the couple so much that it was written into the rest of the show! Their marriage even became an iconic part of the series.

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