Spider-Man Trivia Quiz


In the world of Marvel Comics Spider-Man is one of the most beloved and popular heroes around. Spider-Man has one of the most significant comic book careers of all-time. He started at a young age fighting common street criminals, and over the years, he faced the worst supervillains on Earth and beyond. Do you think you know everything about your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Challenge yourself or play with friends! Test your knowledge with this Spider-Man quiz!

1. What comic book signaled Spider-Man’s first appearance?
Amazing Fantasy #15.
It was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and was released in August of 1962.
2. Which villain kidnapped and murdered Gwen Stacy in Amazing Spider-Man #121?
Green Goblin.
The Green Goblin kidnapped Peter’s then-girlfriend and dropped her off a bridge. He tried to save her, but the whiplash from his webs broke her neck, and she died instantly.
3. What did Spider-Man have to do to become a member of the Avengers?
Capture the Hulk.
In Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3, Spidey was offered a membership in The Avengers if he could capture the Hulk. Even though he succeeded in capturing him, he feared what they would do to him once he returned him, so he let him go out of pity, thus failing the test.
4. How was Venom created?
Alien Symbiote.
After the first «Secret Wars», Spider-Man brought back a new costume which turned out to be an alien symbiote that wanted to bond with him. With the help of Mr Fantastic, he got separated from the costume and thought he had gotten rid of it. Yet, the symbiote ended up bonding with Eddie Brock, thus giving birth to the dangerous supervillain known as Venom.
5. What is the name of Peter Parker’s uncle?
Uncle Ben acts as a father figure for most of Peter’s life. He first appeared in Amazing Fantasy#15 and was killed in the very same issue. He often appears in flashbacks.
6. Who convinced Peter Parker to reveal his identity to the public?
In Amazing Spider-Man #533, Iron Man convinces Peter to reveal his true identity to the public. He got so anxious about the decision that he ended up throwing up in the bathroom of the White House.

Spider-man trivia quiz

7. Who was Spider-Man’s first superhuman girlfriend?
The Black Cat.
Felicia Hardy, also known as the Black Cat, was in Peter’s life for some time but eventually lost out to Mary Jane Watson when it came to Peter’s love interests. She also dated Flash Thompson.
8. What was Mysterio’s first job?
Hollywood stuntman.
Quentin Beck, also known as Mysterio, started out as a stuntman in Hollywood. He quickly branched out into special effects but ended up getting tired of not getting any recognition. He decided to take out Spider-Man after a friend’s suggestion.
9. Which U.S. president has Spider-Man teamed up with?
Barack Obama.
Back in 2008, an issue was released where Spider-Man meets Barack Obama on an assignment covering his inauguration. Peter’s alter ego swoops in to save the day when two Obamas suddenly show up to the ceremony. The issue was Amazing Spider-Man #583 and its the New Millennium’s fourth highest-selling comic.
10. Which 90’s pop-star tried to buy out Marvel so he could become Spider-Man?
Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson was an avid Spider-Man fan and really wanted to play him in the movies. He approached Stan Lee several times trying to buy the film rights, but to no success. After the rejection, he tried to buy the company instead.
11. Which Spider-Man villain has the powers of a common housefly?
The Human Fly.
Richard Deacon, also known as the Human Fly, was a small-time criminal that had the genetic coding of a fly. He had the ability to fly, crawl on walls, superhuman strength as well as acid vomit.
12. Which Spider-Man issues were disproved by the Comics Code Authority?
The Amazing Spider-Man #96-98.
In these issues, Peter Parker’s friend Harry Osborn is seen taking pills, thus making the Comics Code Authority disproving the issues. Marvel ended up ignoring them and publishing the issues anyway.
13. Who was the original Hobgoblin?
Roderick Kingsley.
Roderick Kingsley was a billionaire fashion designer that was obsessed with Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin. When his identity was exposed as a villain, he escaped to the Caribbean to escape prosecution.

Spider-man trivia quiz

14. What is the name of Peter Parker’s daughter in the alternate future MC2 universe?
May «Mayday» Parker.
In the alternate future MC2 universe, Peter has hung his suit and become a florist. He has a teenage daughter with Mary Jane Watson.
15. In which comic book did the «Daily Bugle» newspaper first appear?
Fantastic Four #2.
Even though its offices first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #1, the newspaper itself made its first appearance in an installment of the Fantastic Four!
16. Which company was Thomas Fireheart a CEO of?
Fireheart Enterprises.
Thomas Fireheart, CEO of Fireheart Enterprises was initially depicted as the villain
«Puma». Eventually, he gained a lot of respect for Spider-Man and ended up becoming his ally.
17. What is the real identity of the villain «Rhino»?
Aleksei Systevich.
Aleksei Systevich worked for Eastern Bloc scientists. They subjected him to a process which turned his skin so harsh it resembled that of a rhino’s. He is described as «one of Spider-Man’s dimmest villains.»
18. Which of Peter’s high school crushes ended up becoming Harry Osborn’s wife?
Liz Allan.
Liz Allan was Peter’s notorious crush during high school. Even though they never got together, she ended up marrying Peter’s friend, Harry Osborn.
19. The radioactive spider that bit Peter bit one other student before dying. Who was that person?
Cindy Moon.
Cindy Moon, also known as Silk, was bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter and developed even more unusual abilities than him.
20. Which member of the X-Men did Spider-Man kiss in Marvel Team-up #4?
Jean Grey.
Jean Grey has been the love interest of many superheroes in the past, including Cyclops and Wolverine. In Marvel Team-up #4, the X-Men save Peter Parker by using some enzymes from Morbius and Professor Xavier’s equipment. Spider-Man shows his gratitude by kissing Jean Grey.

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