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World War I Questions and Answers with Detailed Explanations

How many people died in WW1?

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About 8,500,000 soldiers died in this war. Military deaths were 5 million, and civilian deaths were 3 million.
World War 1 is also known as the Great War which started in 1914 and ended in 1918. A lot of people died in the Great War. A total of 20,000,000 people from all the nations died, including civilians and soldiers.

Which countries were involved in World War 1?

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The countries that were involved in World War 1 were France, Britain, the USA, Germany, Italy, and Russia.
These countries were the part of an alliance that was called Triple Entente, while Germany aligned itself with the Austria-Hungary. The leaders of Germany and Austria-Hungary started the war.

What were the results of the First World War?

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Territorial reorganization, a war indemnity, disarmament of Germany, these were the results of World War 1.
After the struggle of four years, the First World War came to an end with the establishment of a mandatory body, the establishment of League of Nations and the disarmament of Germany.

What was the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk?

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The agreement between Germany and Russia.
On March 3, 1918, the treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed. This was between the central powers i.e. Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary, German Empire, and the Ottoman Empire and new Bolshevik government of Russia.

When did World War 1 begin?

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On the 1st of August, 1914.
World War 1 began on August 1st, 1914 when Germany declared war on Russia. Russia had mobilized troops on Germany’s border. This was the reason for the starting of this war. And this war ended in the year 1918.

Why did the Schlieffen plan result in a stalemate?

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The plan of Schlieffen resulted in a stalemate. This was so because the German high command did not sufficiently commit to that plan.
The plan called for a very token force to be left to defend Germany against a possible French attack in the south. In the meantime, a right-wing was made to come around from the north and crush the French. But the German high command made the left wing too strong and right-wing relatively weak. Thus the right one was not able to break the French and result in a stalemate.

What weapons were used in World War 1?

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Machine guns, aircraft ships, rifles, artillery, submarines, and poison gas were used.
The Americans used a shotgun during the war. Germany used Zeppelins which was a type of aircraft, submarines U-boats, along with tanks. Mustard gas along with many other chemicals was also used in World War 1. This gas caused blinding and death by choking.