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Everybody is an expert when it comes to food and drinks. Take that knowledge to the test kitchen to see how much of a gourmet you really then pass this link on to your friends. Food trivia is the kind of game you can play to ease the stress of kitchen sink duty, so make sure to memorize some of the trivia questions we listed here for your reference. Use this set as challenge questions at the dinner table when the conversation veers toward high-conflict topics. You may not always agree on the answers, but food talk fosters friendly discussions. Bon appetit!

Which is the most expensive dessert in the world?

Food Drink Questions expensive dessert world
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Strawberry Arnaud.
Strawberry Arnaud is the most expensive dessert in the world, which costs around $9.85 Million. It costs so much only because of the extravagant engagement ring comes along with the sliced fruit.

What country do onions come from?

Food Drink Questions country onions from
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It comes from countries such as China, India, Pakistan, Iran, etc.
China is the largest producer of onions and India is the second largest producer of it. Research suggests that it was first grown in West Pakistan and Iran.

What are the three main ingredients of Mocha?

Food Drink Questions main ingredients mocha
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Chocolate, espresso, and hot milk.
The three main ingredients of Mocha are chocolate, espresso, and hot milk. It is also called as Mocaccino, it is a flavored chocolate variant of a cafe latte.

By what common name Yam is known?

Food Drink Questions common yam known
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Sweet potatoes.
Yam, commonly known as sweet potatoes. But, both yam and sweet potatoes are different. The skin of yam looks type of like tree bark, while sweet potatoes are more reddish brown.

What type of meat is the most consumed worldwide?

Food Drink Questions meat worldwide
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Pork is the most consumed meat worldwide.
The global market size of pork meat in regions like Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Central & South America, focuses on the consumption of Pork Belly Meat.

Which is the best-selling chocolate bar in the world?

Food Drink Questions best selling chocolate bar
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Snickers is the top-selling chocolate bar in the world.
The Snickers bar consists of Nougat topped with peanut covered in milk and caramel. Snickers bars come in different varieties, fudge, peanut butter, almond, dark, etc. Snickers have annual global sales of around $2 billion.