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The Ultimate Celebrity Trivia Questions

What would we do without celebrities to gawk at and gossip over? Celebrities have bigger misadventures, wackier wardrobes, and larger-than-life issues. They live these stories so we don’t have to. Instead, we watch them with awe and play trivia games about their adventures and misadventures. Our celebrity trivia questions cover a broad range of personalities and their stories. Test your knowledge of celebrities from the silent film era all the way to today’s CGI-enhanced cinema. Take the quiz on your own, or challenge friends to play with you. Crown the winner with a “Biggest Celebrity Hound” award. As Lauren Bacall once said, “Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.” Go on and let your imagination soar as you unravel the mysteries and histories of people we love and loathe.

What is Emma Watson best known for?

Celebrity Trivia Questions emma watson known for
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For playing the character of Hermione Granger.
This actress was born in Paris on April 15, 1990. She started her carrier as a child in the Harry Potter film. She is a British activist and actress. After working in the movie of Harry Potter, she has worked in many series such as the bling ring, the circle, the beauty, and the beast, and Colonia.

Who donated 500,000,000 dollars to charity?

Celebrity Trivia Questions 500000000 dollars to charity
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Michael Jackson.
Full name of Michael Jackson is Michael Joseph Jackson and was born on August 29, 1958. He is known as ‘‘The King of Pop’’. This person was a dancer, songwriter, and singer. His album Thriller was awarded 30 times platinum in 2016. According to the Guinness Book of Records, he is the best entertainer of all time.

What is the real name of Bradley Pitt?

Celebrity Trivia Questions real name bradley pitt
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William Bradley Pitt.
Bradley Pitt is an American film producer and actor. He received numerous awards for his acting skills and production. Bradley first gained acknowledgment in Thelma & Louise, which is a road movie in which he played the role of a cowboy hitchhiker.

How much is Lady Gaga worth?

Celebrity Trivia Questions lady gaga worth
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$275 million.
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is the real name of this fantastic singer. She is one of America’s biggest celebrities and superstars. She was born at the Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan in 1986. She is one of the most talked stars of the world. She is an American songwriter, singer, and actress.