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How many goals has Cristiano Ronaldo scored in his career so far?

Celebrity Trivia Questions goals cristiano ronaldo scored
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539 goals.
Cristiano Ronaldo is a football player and is the most famous athlete in the world. He captains the Portugal national team and plays as a forward for Italian club Juventus. He is the first player to win the trophy five times. This player was born in 1985. Cristiano Ronaldo possesses 322 million social media followers.

Who is the father of modern physics?

Science Trivia Questions father modern physics 1
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Albert Einstein.
Albert Einstein was a 20th-century scientist who presented some of the most important ideas of modern physics, such as the theory of relativity and the known equation E = mc2.

What is the color of lapis lazuli jewelry?

Beauty Fashion Questions color lapis lazuli jewelry
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Lapis lazuli comes from the Arab word for blue, and jewelry pieces made from this stone have been found in Egyptian and Sumerian digs. A bit of pyrite within the stones provide the glimmer. Cleopatra was said to have used powdered lapis lazuli for her bright blue eye shadow.

Why coffee helps us stay awake?

Body Trivia coffee helps stay awake
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Caffeine binds to the adenosine receptor, but because to a nerve cell, caffeine looks like adenosine it doesn't slow down the cell's activity as adenosine would.
Coffee helps us stay awake as it binds to receptors for adenosine in our brain. Instead of slowing down because of the adenosine’s effect, the nerve cells speed up.

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