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What was the birth name of Oprah Winfrey?

Celebrity Trivia Questions name oprah winfrey
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The real name of the presenter is Orpah, named after the Biblical heroine. But the midwife who gave birth to a child on January 29, 1954, mistakenly changed the letter. Then Orpah became Oprah. The TV presenter herself denies this rumor and says that she changed her name because it was difficult for her friends to pronounce her.

What do you mean by potential energy?

Science Trivia Questions potential energy 1
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Stored energy.
Potential energy is the energy that exists because of the relative positions (configurations) of objects in the physical system.

Where was the earliest form of jewelry found?

Beauty Fashion Questions earliest form jewelry found
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South Africa.
The earliest jewelry was made of two snail-shell beads that were found in the Blombos Cave. They are believed to be at least 75,000 years old. Jewelry has been worn as a status symbol, as personal protection or as an art form since ancient times.

What is Volkswagen best known for in the world?

Brands Business Trivia volkswagen best known
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People’s car.
Volkswagen is an automotive manufacturer of Germany. It is perhaps known for its ‘‘people’s car’’. This company has expanded incredibly, offering a fascinating lineup of vehicles that include Passat, Jetta, Tiguan, and Golf. Volkswagen Group sold one of the fastest cars on earth via its subsidiary, Bugatti.

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