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Why is the Coronavirus COVID-19 so infectious?

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The cause of high COVID-19 virulence is because it is a pathogen that the human immune system has never encountered before.
What makes it strong is either because of its animal inhabitance or due to specific mutations in a member of the human Coronaviruses. According to recent evidence, bats are likely to be the source of initial contact (as the genome of Coronavirus that hosts them, resembles by 94% that of the COVID 19. Pangolins suspected to be the possible intermediate host. However, according to many researchers, the COVID-19 virus structure seems so complicated that it is highly unlikely to be natural, and it is possible that is laboratory-made and accidentally released.

What is Typhoid Mary?

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Typhoid Mary was the nickname for Mary Mallon, an Irish cook who was the first person in the US that was quarantined for 27 years and four months as infected with typhoid fever pathogen.
Mary Mallon had worked in many domestic positions for affluent families before becoming a cook. She was a healthy carrier of Salmonella typhi who spread the disease, as many were infected due to her refusal of being ill. At least three deaths were attributed to her, but the exact number is not known, but it is estimated that she may have caused more than 50 fatalities. She was arrested and quarantined in 1907 and spent the last 24 years and seven months of her life in medical isolation at Riverside Hospital on North Brother Island.

What is the meaning of the word “quarantine”?

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The 'quarantine' was derived from the Italian words 'Quaranta Giorni' which mean 40 days.
During the plague epidemic in the 14th century, ships arriving in Venice from infected ports were instructed to sit at anchor for 40 days before landing. This practice, called quarantine, was derived from the Italian words Quaranta Giorni which mean 40 days. Quarantine is the separation of a person or a group of people who although do not have symptoms of illness may have been exposed to a transmissible disease, from other people to prevent the spread of disease. The concept of quarantine is introduced by Avicenna (the European name for Abu ‘Ali al-Husayn ibn Sina) a significant Persian polymath who helped to elucidate the contagious nature of infectious diseases.

Does the surgical mask protect you from Coronavirus?

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No, because a surgical mask is not designed for this purpose, as these masks filter from inside to outside.
Surgical mask sare worn by doctors and dentists to help protect other people and the environment from the mask-wearer by trapping respiratory droplets. In case of COVID 19 the purpose of such masks, according to CDC, is to be used from those who are already ill to avoid spreading the virus around. Surgical masks are not the same as N95 respirators. N95 respirators are special tightly fitting masks that filter out viruses and bacteria. Health workers use N95 respirators at risk of inhaling infectious and other harmful particles, need to be professionally fitted and are not recommended by the CDC for members of the public.

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