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The United Kingdom, also known as Great Britain, or simply as the UK, is one of the richest and influential countries in the world. The UK is rich in history and interesting facts. Challenge your self and your friends with this UK Trivia quiz. Test your knowledge about the UK with exciting trivia questions from many categories, History, Culture, Science, Geography, Sport and many more.

In which year was the first London Olympics held?

UK Trivia Questions year london olympics held
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Olympic Games of 1908 was hosted by London in 1908. It was an international multi-sport event held in London. The Olympics were scheduled in Rome, but then it took place in London. It is researched that London is the only Cory to host the Olympics three times.

How many national regions are there in the UK?

UK Trivia Questions national regions uk
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There is a total of four national regions in the UK They include England, North Ireland, Scotland and Wales. There are regions of England with the Celtic background. Wales is a hilly and mountainous country. Scotland is made up of highlands and low lands. The geography of Ireland includes central plains. It is surrounded by coastal mountains.

What is the official language of England?

UK Trivia Questions official language england
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English is spoken around many countries of the world. It was first originated in England, and to this day it is considered the official language in England. English is considered to be the language that has the most significant number of words in comparison to other languages.

Which is the largest lake by size?

UK Trivia Questions largest lake
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Lough Neagh.
In the UK, the most significant water body by measure is Lough Neagh. This lake is largest by volume. It is the deepest and longest lake in the UK it is nearly 30 km long. The tranquility and scenery of Lough Neagh make it the best place to relax and chill. It is the perfect attraction for tourists.

What is considered the United Kingdom?

UK Trivia Questions considered united kingdom
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Country comprising of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
The United Kingdom is actually a country. England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland are constituent countries. United nation labels the UK as a sovereign state. Therefore it is termed as the United Kingdom. The UK is a short form of United Kingdom of Great Britain. The UK is a sovereign state shown red in the flag.

Which game is said to be invented in the UK?

UK Trivia Questions game invented uk
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English people are said to be the inventors of cricket. Though it is celebrated in every corner of the world today. But it was first originated in England. Similar games were played in the UK, and then later it’s rules were modified. This is how cricket gained popularity first in England.

What is the capital of the UK?

UK Trivia Questions capital uk
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London is not only the capital of the UK but is also the most famous country in the U.K. England is mistakenly considered as the UK but is only the country of U.K.Majority of the population of UK comes around London. London is famous for its tourist destination.

Which of the country is closest to the UK in terms of distance?

UK Trivia Questions country closest uk
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If you are traveling by air from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands’s, it will take only 0.49 hours. The distance between these two countries is nearly 442 km, that is 275 miles. Besides distance, both countries have a strong economic and political partnership. One cannot travel from the Netherlands to the UK with a Schengen visa despite being so near.