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The United Kingdom, also known as Great Britain, or simply as the UK, is one of the richest and influential countries in the world. The UK is rich in history and interesting facts. Challenge your self and your friends with this UK Trivia quiz. Test your knowledge about the UK with exciting trivia questions from many categories, History, Culture, Science, Geography, Sport and many more.

Against which country England fought a Hundred Years’ War?

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The hundred-year war was fought between England and France. It was fought during the late Middle Ages. This war was won by the opponent country; France was the strongest of the two countries even at the beginning of the war. The reason was France had more warriors as compared to English people.

How is the flag of the United Kingdom known?

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Union Jack.
Union Jack is the national flag of the United Kingdom, which is also known as the Union flag. The flag comprises of several different elements. The cross of Saint George, the patron saint of England, is imposed on the patron saint of Ireland, and the cross of St Patrick.

How many national regions are there in the UK?

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There is a total of four national regions in the UK They include England, North Ireland, Scotland and Wales. There are regions of England with the Celtic background. Wales is a hilly and mountainous country. Scotland is made up of highlands and low lands. The geography of Ireland includes central plains. It is surrounded by coastal mountains.

Which of the country is closest to the UK in terms of distance?

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If you are traveling by air from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands’s, it will take only 0.49 hours. The distance between these two countries is nearly 442 km, that is 275 miles. Besides distance, both countries have a strong economic and political partnership. One cannot travel from the Netherlands to the UK with a Schengen visa despite being so near.

Who was the first Monarch of Great Britain?

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Queen Anne.
From 1702 to 1707, Anne remained the queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Her wish was to rule independently. Her health couldn’t allow her to rule independently. She relied heavily on other ministers. Anne became the first queen right after the death of William in 1702.

What is the capital of the UK?

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London is not only the capital of the UK but is also the most famous country in the U.K. England is mistakenly considered as the UK but is only the country of U.K.Majority of the population of UK comes around London. London is famous for its tourist destination.

What is the national bird of the UK?

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European Robin.
The bald eagle is owned by America, the rooster is owned by France and robin is owned by the UK as the national bird. It is commonly referred to as robin. David Lindo (ornithologist) realizes England doesn’t have a national bird. Later on, Robin became the unofficial national bird of Britain.

In which year was the first London Olympics held?

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Olympic Games of 1908 was hosted by London in 1908. It was an international multi-sport event held in London. The Olympics were scheduled in Rome, but then it took place in London. It is researched that London is the only Cory to host the Olympics three times.