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If Bill Nye is your guy and Einstein is always on your mind, we have the science trivia quiz just for you. Science is all about provable facts, but the journey from problem to final solution is paved with guesses and goofs. Play these trivia quizzes like a lab experiment: teamwork leads to better answers sooner. Questions range from easy even for non-science folks to genius-level quantum science quizzes. You’ll want to jump on these science trivia quizzes right away. There should be more coming down the pipeline soon.

What type of mammal lay an egg?

Science Trivia Questions mammal lay egg
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Mammals are a relatively common type of animal that gives birth to their young child and feeds their milk. Monotremes are the only type of mammals that lay eggs.

Who first explained the law of gravity?

Science Trivia Questions explained law gravity
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Isaac Newton.
Isaac Newton published the complete theory of gravity in 1687. Although others already thought about this, Newton first created a method that applies to all objects, large and small, using mathematics in advance.

Who is the father of modern medicine?

Science Trivia Questions father modern medicine
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Hippocrates is considered as the father of modern medicine because in his books, which are over 70 years old. He has scientifically described many diseases and their treatment after detailed observation. He lived about 2400 years ago.

Which planet is the coldest planet?

Science Trivia Questions planet coldest planet
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Since the farther the planets of our solar system are from the sun, they usually become colder. So, the coldest planet in our solar system will be Neptune, the eighth and last planet in the solar system. If Pluto was still a planet, it would be colder, but now it’s Neptune.

Who developed an electron microscope?

Science Trivia Questions developed electron microscope
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Ernst Ruska and Max Knoll.
They are a physicist and an electrical engineer respectively from the University of Berlin. They created the first electron microscope in 1931.

What is the most electronegative element?

Science Trivia Questions electronegative element
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The atomic volume of fluorine is reduced. An increase in charge of the nuclei due to the increase of two electrons. The attractive force between the nucleus and high affinity to the addition of electrons, thus, increases the electronegativity.