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How well do you know the technology behind internet, computers, cars, airplanes, television and all these gadgets you use daily? Test your knowledge by answering these interesting trivia questions and learn about fascinating technology subjects. There is nothing trivial about technology and computers. You’re geek enough if you know your way around them. Not to challenge your tech expertise, but here is a trivia quiz to tickle those mighty brain cells. Play trivia quiz with your friends to see who has the highest RAM. Tell them that the winner gets a memory upgrade, which is easily done by taking quizzes like this regularly.

Who is known as the father of the computer?

Technology Trivia Questions father of computer
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Charles Babbage.
In 1837, Charles Babbage invented the Analytical Engine that enclosed an integrated memory, Arithmetic Logic Unit, and basic flow control. The analytical engine was welcomed as the first computer concept.

Who is the founder of a computer virus?

Technology Trivia Questions founder computer virus
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Amjad and Basit Farooq Alvi.
In 1986, Pakistani brothers Basit and Amjad wrote about the first computer virus named Brain. It was a widespread boot sector virus that infected MS-DOS. At that time, Amjad was 24 and Basit was 17.