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Stranger Things has become one of the most binge Netflix original series. With ’80s vibe and a great story has made this a show you just can’t miss. Season three just released and it looks like it’s going to be even stranger than before. Challenge yourself or play with your friends! Prove you are a true fan with this 25-question Stranger Things quiz!

Take a look at the list of questions below, each one is presented as a clickable button. Give your best guess, then click on the button to reveal the answer and some related information. Keep clicking on each question to reveal the answers one by one and have fun challenging your knowledge! Enjoy the quiz and make the most of it!

1. Who were the creators of the show?
Matt and Ross Duffer.
Twin brother Matt and Ross have worked on a few projects in the past, such as the movie Hidden and Wayward Pines. The inspiration for Stranger Things came from the premise: “What if Steven Spielberg directed a Stephen King book?”
2. What was the original name of the show?
During production, the show was named Montauk and was supposed to be filmed in Long Island. They were inspired off of an alleged government project in the early ’80s that involved kidnapping kids from Long Island to experiment on them. They eventually had to relocate is it was too hard to shoot there in winter.
3. How many kids auditioned for the show?
906 boys and 307 girls.
It is not easy to depict an extraordinary story in the 80s, especially when your lead actors are supposed to be 12 years old. One cringy child performance can literally kill the entire production, so the creators had to be extra careful when selecting their leads. They made each and every child read parts from “Stand by me,” a film which featured four of the most exceptional child performances of all time.
4. What convinced Millie Bobby Brown to shave off her hair for the show?
Charlize Theron in Mad Max.
Mille Bobby Brown portrays Eleven in the show, an escaped test subject with telekinetic powers. She had to shave off the majority of her hair, which is a terrifying process for any 11-year-old girl. The duffer brothers showed her clips of how amazing Charlize Theron looked in Mad Max, which was enough to convince her to shave it all off!
5. How is the demon from the show called?
According to Dragon Magazine, the Demogorgon is considered the most powerful villain in the first edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. He is the ruler of the Abyss, a Demon Prince of the ever-changing plane of chaotic evil.
6. Which member of the camera crew also worked in the 1982 classic 'The Thing'?
Clyde E. Bryan.
In season one there is a scene in which the kids’ teacher is watching “The Thing.” The camera assistant for that scene Clyde E. Bryan has also worked for that movie. So, he was pulling focus on a scene that features a movie he was also pulling focus on!
7. Who was the first actor to be cast in the show?
Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin).
The lovable little Dustin, portrayed by Gaten Matarazzo, was born on September 8, 2002. He was born with a condition known as Cleidocranial Dysplasia(CDD) and is using his influence to raise awareness on the issue.
Stranger things trivia quiz
8. Which couple from the show is also a couple in real life?
Nancy and Jonathan.
Natalia Dyer (Nancy) and Charlie Heaton (Jonathan) have been dating since October 2017. They met on the premises of the show!
9. Which cult movie does Mille Bobbie Brown's outfit consisting of a pink dress and blonde wig refer to?
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
Stranger Things is no stranger to cult movie references. With E.T. definitely being a fan favorite back in its day, the creators of the show did not shy away from putting a cheeky reference to our beloved alien!
10. Which member of the gang recorded his audition tape from bed?
Finn Wolfhard (Mike).
While recording his audition tape for the show, Mike found himself bedridden because he was sick and had to record from the bed. I guess he really wanted to be on that show!
11. How much did chief Hopper's trailer cost?
According to the art team of the show, the trailer which serves as David Harbour’s house in the show only cost 1$. I guess that housing prices are also fictionary in the universe of Stranger Things!
12. Which member of the gang is the only one not to cuss in the entire show?
Noah Schnapp (Will).
With all members of the crew losing it from time to time, it’s not uncommon for the child protagonists of the show to throw in a swear word from time to time. Noah being the youngest member of the show, apparently doesn’t feel like cussing at all!
13. Which actor from the show did not know what streaming was when approached by Netflix?
Winona Ryder.
Winona Ryder is reportedly a late bloomer when it comes to electronic devices. When she was approached by Netflix to play on the show, she had no idea what streaming services were! I guess she thought that it was all science fiction…
14. What is the name of the state trooper guarding the morgue?
The creators of the show were influenced mainly by the work of Stephen King. The name Cujo derives off of one of his books and is one of many references of his work in
Stranger things trivia quiz
15. Which actors from the show were also part of the cast of 'The walking dead'?
Tinsley and Anniston Price.
Holly Wheeler is being portrayed by twins Tinsley and Anniston Price. They are the twins that also portrayed baby Judith in “The Walking Dead.”
16. What project did the creators of the show initially wanted to pick up before creating Stranger Things?
This is box title
The creators of the show initially wanted to remake “It” but were turned down. Finn Wolfhard (Will) was already up for playing “Richie.”
17. What is Steve Harrington's nickname in the show?
King Steve.
Joe Keery who portrays Steve Harrington is often called “King Steve” while at school due to his good looks and athletic body. This is one of many references to Steven King that are prevalent in the show.
18. Which character from the show was initially meant t.o be 'the biggest douchebag on the planet.'
Steve Harrington.
In the initial draft of the script, Steve was meant to be a gigantic douchebag, going as far as to rape Nancy Wheeler. After casting Joe Keery from the show, the Duffer brothers decided that Joe was “much more likable and charming than they had originally envisioned.”
19. Which are the two characters to have appeared in every single episode of Seasons 1 and 2?
Mike and chief Hopper.
David Harbour (Hopper) and Finn Wolfhard (Mike) have been two of the most important characters in the series. No wonder that both have appeared in every single episode! The fans love them!
20. Which member of the cast doesn't have a single scripted scene in the show?
Holly Wheeler.
Tinsley and Anniston Price portray Holly in the show but do not have any actual lines. Moments in which they shout “Yes!” and whatnot are completely ad-libbed!
21. How old is Will Byers when he disappears?
12years old.
Byers is 12 when he suddenly disappears, setting off a panic among his friends and family.
22. In which U.S. state is the show set?
The story takes place in Hawkins, Indiana.
23. In what year does the first season take place?
The story began in 1983, and the show is well-known for its retro appeal.
24. How many episodes are there in the show's first season?
25. In episode three of the first season Eleven uses her powers to make a Star Wars toy levitate. Which toy?
Millennium Falcon.
Dustin asks Eleven to make Mike’s Millennium Falcon fly. She waits until after the boys have left.

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