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Everyone secretly wants to be a full-time gamer. Since that won’t happen except for a chosen few, do the next best thing, and be a champ at video game trivia. This collection of quiz questions goes beyond “Minecraft” and “Fortnite.” We cover trivia on everything about video games, whether you’re a friend at “Assassin’s Creed” or just a laid-back “Tetris” player. Games are a fun pastime that hones hand-and-eye coordination among many benefits. Whether you’re testing your skill level or playing against friends, we’ve mixed it up to provide a more significant challenge, especially for the gifted gamers. Entry level questions are also included. Let’s go!

What did the standalone expansion that was released in 2015 for Driveclub feature?

Video Game Trivia expansion 2015 driveclub
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The expansion was called Driveclub Bikes, and it was released on 27 October 2015. It focused on “superbike racing” and featured a new Tour, a new gameplay mode, challenges, and new events. Similar to the main game, the rider and the bikes can both be customized to the players liking and after each race, the player gains reputation for their club. The expansion initially came with 12 bikes, but eight more became available through free updates or expansion packs.

The Ultimate ’80s Video Games Quiz

80s Video Games Quiz

Do you remember playing video games in the 1980s? The ’80s is when video gaming really kicked off, some great games were released including Pac-Man, Missile Command, Battlezone and many more! Think you know everything about all the classic video games? Well, insert a coin and show us how good your gaming memory is! Can you name these classic video games released in the 1980s? Test your knowledge of with this 30-question ’80s Video Games quiz! (more…)