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Build your rep as a history buff with a treasure trove of trivia knowledge. History is a fascinating field because it is about stories worth preserving if only in bits and pieces. Build your knowledge base of history-related details by keeping a few trivia questions accessible for when you have a few minutes to browse questions and answers. Keep track of your favorite stories from historical times by keeping a list of trivia questions handy to share with friends and family. Play “Did you know” games anywhere and with anybody who likes history, quizzes and passing the time productively by learning something new.

What was the Athenian League in ancient Greece?

History Trivia Questions athenian league in ancient greece
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An alliance of Greek city-states led by Athens
The Athenian League or Delian League was an alliance of Greek city-states led by Athens and was formed in 478 BCE to liberate eastern Greek cities from the Persian rule.

Who won the battle of Chamkaur?

History Trivia Questions battle of chamkaur
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Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
He fought against 1 million Mughals with his 40 Sikhs and won the battle of Chamkaur. The battle of Chamkaur is also known as Battle of Chamkaur Sahib. It was fought between the Khalsa and the Mughal forces, led by Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Wazir Khan respectively.

What was the battle of Bloody Marsh?

History Trivia Questions battle of bloody marsh
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The Battle of Bloody Marsh took place on July 7, 1742, between British and Spanish forces on St. Simons Island.
On July 7, 1742, Spanish and English forces skirmished on St. Simons Island in an encounter, known as the battle of Bloody Marsh. The event was the only attempt by Spanish to invade Georgia during the War of Jenkins’ Ear, and it resulted in a significant English victory.

The Great Wall of China is how many miles long?

History Trivia Questions great wall of china is how many miles
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13,170.696 miles.
The Great Wall of China is 13,170.696 miles (21,196.18 kilometers) long. It is the series of fortifications made up of stone, tamped earth, brick, wood, and other materials, basically built along an east-to-west line across the historical northern borders of China.

Who attempted genocide in World War II?

History Trivia Questions genocide in world war ii
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Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party.
During World War 2, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party have committed genocide against the Jews, in which around six million Jews were murdered methodically with cruelty. During the Holocaust in occupied Poland, about more than one million Jews were killed in gas chambers of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

What was the war of Austrian succession?

History Trivia Questions the war of austrian succession
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The War of Austrian succession or the battles of King George's War known for the first period of fighting from 1740 to 1748.
It began in December 1740, when Fredrick II of Prussia invaded the neighboring Hapsburg and controlled the province of Silesia.

What was the purpose of Medieval castles?

History Trivia Questions purpose of medieval castles
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Safety and protection.
The castles were basically built during the wars of the late Middle Ages for the purpose of safety/protection. The castles originally were constructed simply, but due to the need for protection rose, they became much more sophisticated. They were built as homes of kings and nobility. The noble classes, such as royalty and crucial public figures, can be protected from unwanted intruders.

How long was the Berlin wall?

History Trivia Questions how long was the berlin wall
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The Berlin wall was more than 87 miles (140 kilometers) long.
The Berlin wall was up for as long as it stood by dividing its city, with around 28 years (10,316 days) was elapsed since the barrier was pulled down by the German capital’s people.

Who were the Mongols?

History Trivia Questions who were the mongols
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The modern Mongols, who are an Inner Asian rather than a Siberian people, are the descendants of the famed Empire Builder Chingiz (Genghis) Khan.
Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan were the ancient Mongols; they were the first and last rulers of the Mongol Empire. Genghis Khan united the Mongol tribes under one, calling himself the Khagan, which means “Khan of Khans.” The modern Mongols, those who are Inner Asian rather than Siberian people.

World War I began in?

History Trivia Questions world war i began in
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In 1914, World War I started, and it lasted for 4 years. During the war, Germany, Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria fought against Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Romania, Italy, USA, and France.