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The X-Men is one of the most favorite superhero teams among comics fans. Do you think you know everything about the X-Men? Challenge yourself or play with friends! Try and test your knowledge of these great characters with this X-Men Quiz!

1. How does the unique eyewear Cyclops wears affect his powers?
It controls his energy beams.
Cyclops is one of the founding members of the X-Men. His power emits potent energy beams from his eyes, which he cannot manage without the help of unique eyewear he has to wear at all times. Being one of the most popular X-Men, he was portrayed by James Marsden.
2. Who is the long-standing romantic partner of Cyclops?
Jean Gray.
Jean Gray-Summers is known under aliases Phoenix and Dark Phoenix and has telekinetic and telepathic powers. She is a significant figure in the lives of many X-Men, as she is the wife of Cyclops and daughter of Charles Xavier.
3. What are the alias of Mortimer Toynbee, Magneto's servant and enemy of the X-Men?
While most mutants decide to keep a low profile, you can see that toad is a mutant from miles away. Formerly a weak and hunchbacked servant of Magneto while in the Brotherhood of Evil, this super-leaping villain ends up leading his version of the Brotherhood which focuses on petty crime.
4. What metal alloy was used to reinforce Wolverine's skeleton?
Wolverine, portrayed by Hugh Jackman in the movies, was born as the illegitimate son of Thomas Logan, the groundskeeper of the Howlett family. His power consisted of bone claws emerging from his body, which he then reinforced with adamantium. According to the lore, his adamantium skeleton can even survive a nuclear blast.
5. What is Magneto's real name?
Erik Magnus Lensherr.
Erik Lensherr, otherwise known as Magneto, is a powerful mutant with the ability to create and control magnetic fields. He believes that all mutants are superior to humans and rejects any possibility of a peaceful co-existence.
6. Who was the mutant to establish the Institute of Mutants?
Professor Xavier.
Prof. Xavier is a mutant that can read minds. He started the institute to train and help other mutants and believes in a peaceful co-existence with humans.
The x-men quiz
7. Which member of the X-Men is a master of card throwing?
Gambit can create and control kinetic energy. While being a master of card throwing and hand to hand combat, he is often seen fighting with a bo stick.
8. What is the power of Mystique?
Mystique can alter her molecular structure to look like anyone she wants. Known for her blue skin and mastery in the arts of stealth and deception, Mystique started as a villain, founding her version of the Brotherhood. Being the mother of Nightcrawler and Graydon Creed and also the adoptive mother of Rogue, one can say she is an essential character in the X-Men universe.
9. In which X-Men movie was Stan Lee's first cameo?
Even though Stan Lee used to make cameos in every single Marvel movie before he passed away, it wasn’t always like this. His first cameo was on the original X-Men movie featured him like a hot dog vendor!
10. Who was the first one to attain the mutant gene?
En Sabah Nur, otherwise known as Apocalypse, was born a very long time in Aqaba and was abandoned as an infant because of his gray skin and blue lips. He was rescued by Baal of the sandstormers and eventually became a principal villain in the X-Men universe.
11. Which member of the Avengers was Storm married to?
Black Panther.
They were childhood friends and fell in love while growing up. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to last since they joined opposite forces in the Avengers vs. Xmen storyline. The marriage lasted six whole years and was celebrated in a vast Wakandan feast!
12. What is the name of the jet that is used to transport the X-Men?
The Blackbird.
With Cyclops and Storm as the main pilots, a strato-jet which had a strong resemblance to the Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird” Spyplane-hence the name- served as the primary means of transport for the X-Men.
13. With whom did Iceman have a romantic relationship?
While Iceman has a pretty normal-looking exterior, he decides not to conceal his ability and live the mutant life. His fling with Rogue was one of the most shipped relationships after Gambit and Magneto!
The x-men quiz
14. What was the name of Prof. Xavier's school?
Xavier's school for Gifted Youngsters.
One of the wisest mutants alive, Prof. Xavier decides to open a school to help out and train other mutants.
15. Who was the actress that portrayed Kitty Pryde?
Ellen Page.
From teenage pregnancy to helping Wolverine travel back in time, Ellen Page has sure had her fair share of adventures in the silver screen. One of the most acclaimed young actresses in Hollywood was praised for her performance as the youngest member to join the X-Men. Her powers allow her to make anything she touches intangible, allowing her to phase through objects, as well as levitate.
16. Which member of the X-Men had the power to absorb the life force, memories, and physical strength of other mutants?
Rogue considers her gifts to be a curse and tries to avoid physical contact with the rest of the X–Men as much as she can. She was a runaway from the Brotherhood of Evil that was adopted by Mystique and joined the X-Men.
17. Which member of the X-Men can turn his body into metal?
Piotr Rasputin, otherwise known as Colossus, can transform entirely into metal, making him the strongest amongst the X-Men in terms of physical strength. He is portrayed as quiet, honest, and virtuous and feels like he must use his powers to help mankind.
18. Which member of the X-Men can absorb and utilize the powers of the sun?
This Brazilian mutant, often depicted as repulsive and idealistic is considered a close friend by many members of the X-Men. He is an essential figure in the 1980’s era of the X-Men and X-force while also being of significant help to the Avengers with the Citizen V project.
19. Which member of the X-Men started out as a disco singer?
Alisson Blaire, otherwise known as Dazzler, started out as a disco singer before switching to other music genres. She can emit light particles from her body by converting sound into light beams, a feature which many assumed was just a technological effect before she came out as a mutant. She met the X-Men in one of her shows in which they find themselves under attack, and she ends up helping them out.
20. Which member of the X-Men can create the Warp Wave.
Davis Cameron, under the alias Slipstream, can manipulate space and time momentarily to conjure the “Warp Wave,” which serves as means of teleportation and requires an immense amount of concentration to maintain.

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