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Who was the first Windsor monarch of the UK?

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George V (reigned 1910-1936)
The House of Windsor came into being in 1917. On this day King George V orders the British royal family to dispense with the use of German titles and surnames, changing the surname of his own family Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor.

What type of galaxy is the most common in the universe?

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Elliptical galaxies.
Galaxies are elliptical and irregular. Galaxies can be found in trillions. Each galaxy constitutes stats, dust, gas, and dark matter. They vary in size. The oldest galaxy is located in the constellation Ursa Major. It is actually 32 billion years from Earth.

Who is the father of modern physics?

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Albert Einstein.
Albert Einstein was a 20th-century scientist who presented some of the most important ideas of modern physics, such as the theory of relativity and the known equation E = mc2.