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Test your trivia knowledge or become a quiz master with these challenging Music Trivia questions with answers. Music is a universal language that can bring people from different walks of life together. Everyone will know something or everything about bands, musicians, songs, compositions, and concerts. Be prepared for conflict and controversy as music lovers tend to take great pride in their knowledge of the smallest details about their favorites. Keep track of your trivia references as this is one of the topics that tend to fuel feuds among family and friends.

What was Bruce Springsteen’s biggest and most iconic single?

Music Trivia Questions bruce springsteens biggest
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Born in the U.S.A.
This single, from the album of the same title, became Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s greatest single and bestselling album. Critics call it heartland rock, and the album’s success paved the way for John Mellencamp, Pete Seeger, and Tom Petty.

What dance-inspired song became Madonna’s first 1990s hit song?

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This upbeat song was inspired by vogue dancing, which was a modern stylized house dance popularized by Harlem “House Ball” community. The choreographers taught Madonna the vogueing moves thus the lines “All you need is your own imagination/ So use it that’s what it’s for.”

What was U2’s 14th album?

Music Trivia Questions u2 14th album
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Songs of Experience
The album “Songs of Experience” was based on lead singer Bono’s collection of letters written to people and places dearest to his heart.

Which iconic musician was named David Robert Jones in real life?

Music Trivia Questions iconic musician named david robert jones real life
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David Bowie.
David Bowie is one of the most influential musicians with a career that spanned four decades and 25 studio albums, including “Outside,” “Earthling,””Reality,” and “The Next Day.” “Blackstar” was his final album, which was released shortly before his death from cancer.

How did Justin Bieber become famous?

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Justin Bieber became famous when he posted a viral video with a song of his composition on YouTube.
The song was ‘‘One Time’’. He is one of the highest and youngest paid performers in the music industries. He was born in Stratford but was left to grow up without his father due to the divorce of his parents.