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Test your trivia knowledge or become a quiz master with these challenging Music Trivia questions with answers. Music is a universal language that can bring people from different walks of life together. Everyone will know something or everything about bands, musicians, songs, compositions, and concerts. Be prepared for conflict and controversy as music lovers tend to take great pride in their knowledge of the smallest details about their favorites. Keep track of your trivia references as this is one of the topics that tend to fuel feuds among family and friends.

What is the real name of EDM artist “Marshmello”?

What is the real name of edm artist “marshmello”?
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Christopher Comstock.
Marshmello gained international recognition by releasing remixes of famous American DJs. He then released a few singles that ended up in the top 30 of the “Billboard Hot 100” and is now acclaimed worldwide.

What was Stevie Wonder’s greatest hit?

What was stevie wonder’s greatest hit?
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I Just Called to Say I Love You.
This song was the lead single of the album “The Woman in Red.” It topped 19 charts, received multiple awards and became Motown Records’ biggest selling single in the United Kingdom, which was upheld even in 2018.

What was Juice Wrld’s first rap name?

What was juice wrld’s first rap name?
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Juice Wrld was an American rapper born in Chicago. He had a few early successes that resulted in him being considered as one of the greatest rappers of the new generation, landing a no 1spot in the Billboard Hot 200, and granted him a couple of platinum releases. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 21 due to a drug overdose.

What is the official name of Eminem’s fanbase?

What is the official name of eminem’s fanbase?
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Many of Eminem’s fans have decided to call themselves “Stan” after the release of Eminem’s hit song with the name as mentioned above. It refers to the character from the song and has come to mean “liking something excessively to the point of doing extreme things.”

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