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Hello, I'm David Miller, a passionate writer and creator of trivia quizzes from the United States currently living in Greece. As a journalist and designer, I'm always seeking out new ways to educate and entertain through my work. My love for creativity knows no bounds, and I enjoy infusing my writing and designs with originality and flair. But it's my passion for crafting engaging and challenging trivia questions that really sets me apart. I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and I'm always eager to learn new things and share them with others in a fun and interactive way. Whether it's exploring the latest trends in technology or diving deep into the history of pop culture, I'm constantly seeking out interesting tidbits of information to turn into exciting trivia content. When I'm not working, you can find me lost in a good book or testing my knowledge with a challenging trivia quiz. I also love spending time with my three amazing kids, exploring all the beauty that Greece has to offer. Whether we're hiking through the mountains or lounging on the beach, we always manage to find something new and exciting to discover. Overall, I'm a lifelong learner with a passion for creating engaging and challenging trivia quizzes and questions, as well as storytelling and design. I'm excited to share my love of knowledge and trivia with others and look forward to all the exciting opportunities that the future holds.

Put Your Binge Knowledge to the Test: Best Netflix Shows Trivia Questions!

Put Your Binge Knowledge To The Test: Best Netflix Shows Trivia Questions!

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably spent countless hours binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix. From dramas to comedies, there’s no shortage of options on this popular streaming platform. But have you ever stopped to consider just how much you really know about the shows you’ve been watching? That’s where this blog post comes in. We’ve put together a list of some of the best Netflix shows trivia questions that will test even the most dedicated binge-watchers out there. Whether you’re a fan of Stranger Things or a lover of Orange is the New Black, we’ve got questions that will put your knowledge to the test. So, are you ready to find out just how much you really know about your favorite Netflix shows? Let’s dive in and put your binge knowledge to the test with our best Netflix shows trivia quiz!


William Shakespeare and His Plays Quiz

William Shakespeare And His Plays Quiz

How much do you really know about Shakespeare and his plays? William Shakespeare is widely regarded as the most excellent writer in the English language. He is credited by the Oxford English Dictionary with the introduction of nearly 3,000 words to the English language. To trivia or not to trivia. That is the question. So challenge yourself or play together with your friends and family! Test your knowledge with this Shakespeare Trivia Quiz and learn some amazing facts about one of the greatest writers. (more…)

The Ultimate ’80s Video Games Quiz

The ultimate ’80s video games quiz

Do you remember playing video games in the 1980s? The ’80s is when video gaming really kicked off, some great games were released including Pac-Man, Missile Command, Battlezone and many more! Think you know everything about all the classic video games? Well, insert a coin and show us how good your gaming memory is! Can you name these classic video games released in the 1980s? Test your knowledge of with this 30-question ’80s Video Games quiz! (more…)

Spider-Man Trivia Quiz

Spider-man trivia quiz

In the world of Marvel Comics Spider-Man is one of the most beloved and popular heroes around. Spider-Man has one of the most significant comic book careers of all-time. He started at a young age fighting common street criminals, and over the years, he faced the worst supervillains on Earth and beyond. Do you think you know everything about your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Challenge yourself or play with friends! Test your knowledge with this Spider-Man quiz!