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How many goals has Cristiano Ronaldo scored in his career so far?

Celebrity Trivia Questions goals cristiano ronaldo scored
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539 goals.
Cristiano Ronaldo is a football player and is the most famous athlete in the world. He captains the Portugal national team and plays as a forward for Italian club Juventus. He is the first player to win the trophy five times. This player was born in 1985. Cristiano Ronaldo possesses 322 million social media followers.

What is the most popular dog breed in the United States?

Dogd Trivia Questions popular dog breed united states
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Labrador retriever.
Americans love dogs, and their favorite dog breed is the Labrador retriever. The annual American Kennel Club statistics has found Labrador to be the most popular dog in the United States since 1991 for 27th year straight. Labradors are widely considered intelligent, energetic, friendly and gentle, making them excellent family dogs.

What is the first Star Wars film in which Yoda is entirely computer-generated?

Star Wars Questions star wars film yoda computer generated
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Episode II: Attack of the Clones.
Yoda is first appearing in 1980. Frank Oz voiced Yoda on Star Wars. He was also the voice behind Miss Piggie and Fozzie from the Muppets. Attack of the Clones is the first Star Wars film in which Yoda is entirely computer-generated. In Star Wars V and VI, Yoda is a puppet, and he does not appear in Star War IV.