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How many actors auditioned to play Anakin Skywalker?

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Robin Gurland, the casting director of Lucasfilms, searched all over the world for the perfect fit of the kid that would grow up to become Darth Vader. Eventually, they narrowed their search to England, Ireland North America and Scotland and turned their attention to schools looking for non-actors and agencies that looked for working actors. After 3000 auditions, three people stood out. Jake Lloyd, Devon Michael, and Michael Angarano, with Lloyd winning out in the end.

How many digits does pi have?

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Some of you may have learned the first few digits of π, otherwise known as pi. But this mathematical constant can go to infinity and beyond!

Why the surface of Venus is warmer that that of Mercury?

surface venus warm mercury Trivia
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Due to the vast cloud of Carbon Dioxide.
As compared to the distance between Mercury and the sun, the distance between Venus and the Sun is twice. Despite this much distance, Venus is hotter than Mercury. The reason is that Venus has a massive cloud of Carbon dioxide in its surrounding trapping sun rays. This phenomenon gives rise to its temperature.

Which NASA space flight was the last human-crewed mission?

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Apollo 17.
Apollo 17 was the last time when humans traveled on space. NASA launched Apollo 17 on December 7, 1972. This was the final mission of NASA’s Apollo program. This mission took 12th people on the surface of the moon, and this is how the mission ended.

Tom Cruise belongs to which religion?

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Tom Cruise is an American producer and actor. He is an open advocate for the Church of Scientology as well as its related social programs. In 1990, he became engaged with Scientology through Mimi Rogers who is his first wife.