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If Bill Nye is your guy and Einstein is always on your mind, we have the science trivia quiz just for you. Science is all about provable facts, but the journey from problem to final solution is paved with guesses and goofs. Play these trivia quizzes like a lab experiment: teamwork leads to better answers sooner. Questions range from easy even for non-science folks to genius-level quantum science quizzes. You’ll want to jump on these science trivia quizzes right away. There should be more coming down the pipeline soon.

Who is regarded as the father of modern chemistry?

Science Trivia Questions father modern chemistry
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Antoine Lavoisier.
Antoine Lavoisier is regarded to be the father of modern chemistry. He was a French nobleman who recognized and named oxygen and identified the main components of the air.

What gases cause acid rain?

Science Trivia Questions gases acid rain
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Sulfuric dioxide and nitrogen oxides.
Acid rains are caused by a chemical reaction that begins when compounds such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide are emitted into the air. These substances can rise extremely high in the atmosphere, where they are mixed and react with oxygen, water and other chemicals to form acidic pollutants called acid rain.

Who first explained the law of gravity?

Science Trivia Questions explained law gravity
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Isaac Newton.
Isaac Newton published the complete theory of gravity in 1687. Although others already thought about this, Newton first created a method that applies to all objects, large and small, using mathematics in advance.

What do you mean by potential energy?

Science Trivia Questions potential energy 1
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Stored energy.
Potential energy is the energy that exists because of the relative positions (configurations) of objects in the physical system.

Who is the father of modern physics?

Science Trivia Questions father modern physics 1
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Albert Einstein.
Albert Einstein was a 20th-century scientist who presented some of the most important ideas of modern physics, such as the theory of relativity and the known equation E = mc2.

What is the use of a calorimeter?

Science Trivia Questions calorimeter
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Measure the amount of heat.
The calorimeter is an instrument used for calorimetry or a process for measuring the heat of chemical reactions or physical changes, as well as thermal power.

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