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Everybody is an expert when it comes to food and drinks. Take that knowledge to the test kitchen to see how much of a gourmet you really then pass this link on to your friends. Food trivia is the kind of game you can play to ease the stress of kitchen sink duty, so make sure to memorize some of the trivia questions we listed here for your reference. Use this set as challenge questions at the dinner table when the conversation veers toward high-conflict topics. You may not always agree on the answers, but food talk fosters friendly discussions. Bon appetit!

What is the oldest soft drink in the US?

Food Drink Questions oldest soft drink
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Dr. Pepper.
Dr. Pepper was first sold in 1885 at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store in Waco, Texas. It was soon followed by Coca-Cola (1886), Pepsi-Cola (1898), 7-UP (1929), Sprite (1961).

Which is the king fruit in the world?

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Durian is considered as the king of fruits.
It is because of its thick skin, odor type, and large size. It tastes like heaven and smells like hell. Durian can grow as twelve inches long to six inches in diameter, weights 1 to 3 kilograms per piece.