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Name the Italian luxury fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani?

Brands Business Trivia founded by Giorgio Armani
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Armani designs distribute, manufactures, and retails ready-to-wear, haute couture, shoes, leather goods, watches, cosmetics, and accessories. This brand markets all these products under several labels. The estimated sales of this brand in 2016 were $2.65 billion. Giorgio Armani is one of the high-end label specializing in women’s and men’s accessories, ready-to-wear.

In what muscle can you find the “intercalated disk”?

Body Trivia muscle find intercalated disk
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Cardiac muscles.
The heart muscle consists of separate cells of the cardiac muscle (cardiomyocytes), connected by intercalated disks for functioning as a single functional organ or syncytium. On the contrary, the skeletal muscles consist of multicore muscle fibers and do not have intercalated disks.

The Ultimate ’80s Video Games Quiz

80s Video Games Quiz

Do you remember playing video games in the 1980s? The ’80s is when video gaming really kicked off, some great games were released including Pac-Man, Missile Command, Battlezone and many more! Think you know everything about all the classic video games? Well, insert a coin and show us how good your gaming memory is! Can you name these classic video games released in the 1980s? Test your knowledge of with this 30-question ’80s Video Games quiz! (more…)

Which company has pointed crown as its logo?

Brands Business Trivia logo crown
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The pointed crown above the company’s name of Rolex is meant to symbolize perfectionism, victory, and prestige. This logo visualizes the company’s slogan ‘‘A Crown for Every Achievement.’’It was introduced in 1908 and has not changed much in its logo and any other thing.

What is the real name of Bradley Pitt?

Celebrity Trivia Questions real name bradley pitt
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William Bradley Pitt.
Bradley Pitt is an American film producer and actor. He received numerous awards for his acting skills and production. Bradley first gained acknowledgment in Thelma & Louise, which is a road movie in which he played the role of a cowboy hitchhiker.

What type of mammal lay an egg?

Science Trivia Questions mammal lay egg
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Mammals are a relatively common type of animal that gives birth to their young child and feeds their milk. Monotremes are the only type of mammals that lay eggs.

Are dogs color blind?

Dogd Trivia Questions Are dogs color blind
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Contrary to common belief dogs are’t colorblind in the sense that they see more than just black, white, and gray. However, the color range they perceive is limited compared to the spectrum humans see. They can see shades of yellow, blue, green and gray. The red color registers on a gray scale in a dog’s vision.