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Who attempted genocide in World War II?

History Trivia Questions genocide in world war ii
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Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party.
During World War 2, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party have committed genocide against the Jews, in which around six million Jews were murdered methodically with cruelty. During the Holocaust in occupied Poland, about more than one million Jews were killed in gas chambers of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

What was the name of the company that developed “The Lost Vikings”?

Video Game Trivia company developed the lost vikings
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Blizzard Entertainment.
Initially known for titles like “Warcraft” and “Hearthstone,” Silicon & Synapse, now known as Blizzard Entertainment created “The Lost Vikings” in 1992 and its sequel in 1995. The game was initially released for the Super NES in 1993 and featured three Vikings with different abilities as they work together to finish each level of this puzzle-platform video game.

Which Spice girl was the first to get married?

Celebrity Trivia Questions pice girl first married
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Melanie Janine Brown.
Melanie Janine Brown was born May 29, 1975, professionally known as Mel B, is an English television personality, singer, actress, and author. Brown became popular in the 1990s as a member of the female Spice Girls group, in which she received the nickname Spice Scary. It was scary the first Spice girl who married. She married dancer Jimmy Gulzar in 1998.

Who was almost cast for the role of Yoda?

Star Wars Questions cast role yoda
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A monkey.
Before enlisting Muppet master-crafter Jim Henson, the character of Yoda was initially supposed to be portrayed by a monkey wearing a mask and wielding a cane. Fortunately, one of the crew members pointed out the difficulties of such an idea which led to Frank Oz being cast to bring Yoda to life.

What was the original name of Super Mario?

Video Game Trivia original name super mario
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Before starting his series of successful video game classics, the little Italian called Super Mario had his first appearance in the 1981 Donkey Kong arcade game, under the name “Jumpman.” The game was a massive success considered a gaming classic even up to this date.

Tom Cruise belongs to which religion?

Celebrity Trivia Questions tom cruise belongs religion
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Tom Cruise is an American producer and actor. He is an open advocate for the Church of Scientology as well as its related social programs. In 1990, he became engaged with Scientology through Mimi Rogers who is his first wife.