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Christmas celebrations vary in different parts of the world, and these differences and similarities present a great source of trivia questions. Use these quizzes for team competitions among diverse age groups. There is something of interest whether you are four or 94. Everyone knows just enough Christmas trivia to keep the ball rolling and the discussions alive. Friends and family can gather around the cozy fireplace for tales of past Christmases and a game of trivia. Christmas-themed quizzes are perfect car games on those long road trips as you travel for the holidays. Whether you plan to hand out toys, candies or smiles, you will learn something new with every Christmas trivia question you answer.

True or false: Jesus was born on Christmas Day?

Jesus was born on Christmas Day
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It was doubtful that Jesus was actually born on Christmas Day. We don’t know what year Jesus was born, much less the date. December 25 was popularised as the date for Christmas, not because Christ was born on that day, but because it was already widely held in pagan religious celebrations as the birthday of the sun.

Douglas, Balsam, Noble and Fraser are all types of what?

Douglas Balsam Noble Fraser
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Christmas trees.
The Fraser fir tree is one of the most famous Christmas trees species in the country these days, it is actually a subspecies of the balsam fir. However, they don’t grow in the same places. The Balsam fir tree has a beautiful dark-green colour with open, flexible branches that may not be able to hold heavy ornaments. The Douglas fir tree is well known for its cone shape, thick branches, fragrance and full thick appearance. The Noble fir tree is the most famous tree in the northwest. It is well known for its strong branches and sparse look.