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People live and die by their favorite sport and sports personalities. For some, sport is their religion, and anyone who challenges their knowledge of sports facts should be prepared to defend their stance. The depth of sports knowledge of some fanatics is a thing of wonder, so we dare you to draw them out with a few of our carefully selected sports trivia questions. Use these bundles of sports bits to inspire your research of sports trivia. Know a number of them by heart, and wield this knowledge to start conversations or to finish off unproductive discussions. Either way, the motive of trivia games should be to unite over provable facts rather than divide over silly controversies.

What sport did astronaut Alan Shepard play on the Moon?

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On February 6, 1971, Alan Shepard pulled out a makeshift six-iron he had smuggled onboard Apollo 14 and hit two golf balls on the lunar surface, making him the first person to play golf on the Moon.

What year did China win its first Olympic medal?

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Due to the dispute over the political status of China, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) did not participate in the Olympics again until the 1980 Winter Olympics. Their first appearance was the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, United States.